Myles Markevich

Freelance Scopist

As a court reporter, you know that a skilled scopist is an asset. You need someone you can trust and depend on to ease your workload and maintain the high quality of your transcripts. That’s why I’m committed to providing a top-notch service every time. With me on your team, you can rest easy knowing that your transcripts are being scoped by a professional you can rely on.


I'm the kind of person that simply needs everything I do to be perfect to the letter. My obsessive-compulsive disorder meticulous attention to detail is a big asset as a scopist. It drives me to provide an accurate, high-quality product every time.


The great thing about scoping is that I can take my work with me wherever I happen to be. This allows me to be available for urgent jobs and to make sure that your every need is met. But in the event that I will be unavailable for a few days, I will make sure that you know with plenty of advance warning.

On Time

Deadlines are important, and I take pride in meeting them. Timelines make a big impact on your workflow, so I work tirelessly to make sure that you're not left waiting. Your work will be returned to you before you're even expecting it.


An endless stream of email attachments is far too easy to lose track of. In contrast, the client portal on my website (coming soon!) allows you to easily submit jobs, monitor their progress, and download the finished files. You can also view invoices and make payments. This organized approach will make your life happier!

When I have the opportunity to have long-term working relationships with my clients, I feel that it allows me to do my best work. I enjoy learning your particular style and adapting to your preferences. However, I am often available for overflow work as well. Either way, I would be delighted to discuss your needs with you. So please send me a message! Just use the contact form below and I will be in touch before you know it.

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